Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine is in a cup of tea?

Black tea contains approximately 50mg of caffeine per 6 oz cup of tea, about 1/3 to 1/2 that of a comparable size cup of coffee. Green tea has approximately 34 mg, while decaf black has a negligible amount of caffeine and herbal tea has no caffeine.

Does specialty tea contain caffeine?

If the specialty tea is a flavoured black or green tea then yes, it would contain from 28 mg to 34 mg of caffeine.

Do herbal teas contain caffeine?

No. Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free as they are a blend of herbs, spices, and fruits.

How much caffeine is in decaffeinated black or green tea?

There is a negligible amount of caffeine in a 6 oz cup of decaf black and no caffeine in decaf green tea.

How is black or green tea decaffeinated?

The Government of Canada has 3 approved methods of decaffeination, C02, ethyl acetate, and methylene chloride. In order to provide the best tasting cup of tea, Tetley decaffeinates green tea with C02, and black tea (orange pekoe) with methylene chloride.

What is the largest decaf tea size you make?

Our largest pack of Tetley Orange Pekoe Decaffeinated Tea is 80s, the largest Tetley Earl Grey Decaffeinated Tea pack is 24s, and our largest Tetley Green Decaffeinated Tea is 80s.

Where are your decaf teas available?

In most stores across Canada. Please contact your local store manager if not available.

What happened to my favourite flavour?

From time to time, we will change available flavours based on consumer demand. Please check the Our Teas section on this site for a full list of current products. If they are listed in this section and not in your store, please ask your store manager to stock it.

Why can't I get Tetley in restaurants?

The decision to offer Tetley is up to each restaurant. Let them know you prefer Tetley and maybe next time you will enjoy a great end to your meal!

How can I find out more about the benefits of tea?

More wonderful news and recent research is available at or

Do Tetley teas or Infusions contain wheat or gluten?

To the best of our knowledge, our products are gluten free and do not have any processing contact with products that contain gluten. However, we cannot guarantee 100% that our products are free from all traces of gluten. Tea is a natural product typically made from a number of origins where there is a very low risk of contamination from the supply chain environment.

Where there is a strong allergy to gluten, we would advise that you consult your doctor to obtain medical and dietary advice.

What is tannin?

Tannins are flavonoids (antioxidants) that play an important part in tea's colour and taste. Tannins are different from tannic acid which is not present in tea.

Why is tea sometimes bitter?

Tea contains tannins, and if tea is allowed to steep too long, more of the tannins are released, causing what some people say is a bitter taste. A dash of sugar can help reduce this bitterness or, alternatively, add some milk, as this will reduce the pH level of the tea.

What items are available?

The items shown in the collectibles section are the only items available. Check out our Collectibles section for more details.

What is a UPC code?

This is also known as the bar, or scanner code, which is printed on the side or bottom of a pack.